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The E-Fit saddle is handmade in great quality out of oiled German high quality calf leather, beautiful saddle that lasts for many years.

E-Fit has a medium deep seat that gives the rider perfect support and position in the saddle.

The E-Fit saddle is built around Equitec´s E-innoflex saddle tree, a saddle tree specially made for the Icelandic horse and tested for many years. E-innoflex is a polymid flexitree with synthetic fibres and specially developed feather steel that gives the tree a strong and flexible core that shapes it self perfectly around the horses back. The tree is short so the saddle has a contact area that is only 44 cm long for a 17” seat. This short contact area is essential for the short backs of the Icelandic horse.

The E-innolfex tree is made with an exchange system, so you can change the width of the saddle tree around the shoulders, there are 7 different widths (24-30) so you can always find the right with for your horse.

The E-Fit has newly developed anatomic saddle pads that are made extra wide, with round smooth edges and free space for the shoulders. The new saddle pads are developed so the pads are free of bad pressure points that many horses suffer from.

Our new saddle pads distribute the riders weight evenly over the horses back.

Spesifications for the Equitec E-Fit saddle:

  • Newly developed extra wide and anatomically fitted saddle pads that protect the horses back in the best possible way.
  • Equtic´s 3 layer latex filling in the saddle pads give an “air pillow” effect inside the pads for the optimal shock absorbing and distribution of weight over the horses back.
  • Newly developed medium deep seat gives the correct position for the rider with optimal support.
  • The kneepads are made in soft latex to ensure the comfort and perfect support for the knees.
  • Oiled German high quality calf leather, gives a durable saddle with great look.
  • This saddle is a single flap that gives the rider a close contact feeling.
  • E-innoflex saddle tree with an exchange system so the rider can choose between 7 different widths so the tree fits their horse.
  • Extra latex filling in the seat, kneepads and saddle flap for the optimal comfort for the rider.
  • Short contact area (44 cm for 17”) so the saddle is perfectly balanced over the short back of the Icelandic horse.
  • E-Fit is available in size 16”,16.5”,17”,17.5” and 18” (18” needs to be specially ordered)

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